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The War Dogs Motorcycle Club respects all Clubs, citizens, and law enforcement agencies that respect us. We seek no enemies or territory. Some Members of other Motorcycle Clubs have decided to join our Brotherhood. We are excited by their addition and welcome their Brotherhood. We will continue to have the utmost respect for their former Clubs and their Members. As our Brotherhood grows, we become more capable at accomplishing our goals and mission. It is very simple; improving our Brotherhood is our primary focus!
To foster a Fraternal Brotherhood of men of high character committed to common goals and supporting one another during the good times as well as the bad.
To create a Motorcyle Club based on the post World War II idea of what a Motorcycle Club should be.

  • War Dogs Motorcycle Club is dedicated to developing a Fraternal Brotherhood of men with loyalty, discipline, and character. Our Club is based in Western Pennsylvania. A large percentage of our Members are ex-military, but that is not a requirement for Membership.

    We believe in giving men a second chance in life as long as they are committed to our Brotherhood and dedicated to our Clubís goals and mission. We will judge a man on the character he possesses today, not the mistakes he may of made in the past. However; lack of honesty and loyalty are character flaws we will not tolerate. Our Brotherhood cannot exist without trust! Trust cannot exist without honesty!

    Our rules and protocol are similar to many of the longer established Motorcycle Clubs with the addition of the concepts stated in our mission.
    We are a Fraternal Motorcycle Club, not a Riding Club. If you do not know the difference, we suggest you contact a "Harley Owners Group". They are a quality organization that may be more suitable to you.

    1. War Dogs will obey and support the laws of our country and be well prepared to defend ourselves and our families against any groups or individuals who do otherwise.

    2. War Dogs will not support any groups or causes that support criminal activity or terrorism in any way.

    3. War Dogs will support our Military Men and Women regardless of the prevailing political sentiment of our fellow citizens or the psychobabble that is dispensed daily from our media and countless politicians.

    4. War Dogs will not sell drugs or commit crimes. Any War Dog convicted of selling drugs will be expelled from the Club in bad standing. Any War Dog convicted of committing any other crime may be expelled from the Club in bad standing pending Mother Chapter review.

    5. War Dogs will not support or answer to any other Clubs; however War Dogs will respect any Clubs that extend the hand of friendship.

    6. Wardogs join of their own free will and are welcome to leave in the same way.

    7. War Dogs claim no territory.

    8. War Dogs will use our strong networking capabilities as well as every tool available to our Brotherhood to help our Brothers or their families when they are in need.

    9. War Dogs will strive to make the community better, not create fear and intimidate citizens. War Dogs will respect citizens at all times. Any War Dog using the Club to threaten citizens will be expelled from the Club in bad standing.

    10. War Dogs will have fun!