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Scholarship Awards
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Fallen Heroís Run

Scholarship Awards
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Fallen Heroís Run
War Dogs
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The War Dogs Motorcycle Club respects all Clubs, citizens, and law enforcement agencies that respect us. We seek no enemies. As our Brotherhood grows, we become more capable at accomplishing our goals and mission. It is very simple; improving our Brotherhood is our primary focus!
To foster a Fraternal Brotherhood of men of high character committed to common goals and supporting one another during the good times as well as the bad.
To Protect and Improve our Brotherhood!

War Dogs Motorcycle Club is dedicated to developing a Fraternal Brotherhood of men with loyalty, discipline, and character. Our Club is based on the East Coast. A large percentage of our Members are ex-military, but that is not a requirement for Membership.

We believe in giving men a second chance in life as long as they are committed to our Brotherhood and dedicated to our Club’s goals and mission. We will judge a man on the character he possesses today, not the mistakes he may of made in the past. However; lack of honesty and loyalty are character flaws we will not tolerate. Our Brotherhood cannot exist without trust! Trust cannot exist without honesty!

Our rules and protocol are similar to many of the longer established Motorcycle Clubs with the addition of the concepts stated in our mission.
We are a Fraternal Motorcycle Club, not a Riding Club. If you do not know the difference, we suggest you contact a "Harley Owners Group". They are a quality organization that may be more suitable to you.

  1. Ride Hard!.

  2. Protect your Colors and Brothers against all enemies.

  3. Support our Friends.

  4. War Dogs join of their own free will and are welcome to leave in the same manner.

  5. Be loyal to the War Dog Nation and your Brothers at all Cost.