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Scholarship Awards
From the 2007
Fallen Heroís Run

Scholarship Awards
From the 2008
Fallen Heroís Run
War Dogs
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If you think you might be interested in our Club, ask to speak to one of our Officers when you see us.
Becoming a Full Member of the Club is a big step. It might not be for you.
Should you feel strongly about becoming a Full Member of the Club, and we feel you have the character we desire, we may ask you to Prospect the Club. We will never ask you more than once.
Prospects will be assigned an experienced Club Member as their sponsor. The sponsor will be responsible for teaching the Prospect proper rules and protocol for our Club as well as the Motorcycle Club community in general. The sponsor will also be responsible for communicating Club functions to the Prospect in a timely manner. Prospecting time varies depending on a variety of factors.
Prospects will never be hazed or degraded in any manner.