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Scholarship Awards From The 2007 Fallen Hero's Run

  We collected $8009.00 from the 2007 Fallen Hero’s run. We decided to award (3) $2500.00 scholarships. We were fortunate enough to be able to distribute the money to each of our Fallen Hero’s Groups; Veterans, Police Officers, and Firefighters.

Our first scholarship was awarded in memory of the Pittsburgh Police Dog Aulf. He was a six-year-old Police Dog killed when he was shot a by 19-year-old who had pulled a gun during a Police pursuit. Aulf gave his life in defense of his Police Office Handler. The German Shepherd’s handler in turn shot and killed the shooter. Many people do not realize that a Police Dog is legally considered a Police Officer. We considered awarding a Scholarship to help train a new Police Dog for the City of Pittsburgh, but Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger beat us to it. Our hats are off to Mr. Roethlisberger for making a worthy contribution. Shortly thereafter; we were very fortunate to be informed that the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office was accepting donations from the public in order to help finance the purchase and training for a Police Dog in Beaver County. We are honored to have been able to make a small contribution to help with their efforts. Our contribution was only a small portion of the funds needed to purchase the new Police Dog. Although they are very capable and extremely well trained, they are not cheap. We were able to meet the Beaver County Sheriff and several of his deputies including the Dogs Handler. He is a very capable and motivated Former Marine. We have no doubt the new Dog will be in excellent hands and will serve the citizens of Beaver County with distinction. We are sincerely appreciative of the Officer’s work and wish them the very best with the new Police Dog.

Our second Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Ainsley Palonis. She is the 16 year old daughter of medically retired City of Pittsburgh Firefighter Lucia Spangler. Ainsley will be starting College next year and the money will go toward her college fund. Mrs. Spangler was a Firefighter for the City of Pittsburgh when on January 7th, 1997, she went to a fire with Engine Company 22 in Knoxville. There were reports of people still inside the building on the third floor. While searching for the people, a flashover engulfed the entire third floor. Mrs. Spangler rushed to the nearest window as her mask was blown off. She was forced to breath some super heated air and the fire burned through her gloves. She then fell three floors with a tank on her back before hitting the concrete on the lower level. At the hospital, a coma was induced to ease her breathing. She remained in a coma for two weeks. Upon waking, she was down to 96 pounds and unable to do basic tasks. After a long rehabilitation process aided by her family and fellow City of Pittsburgh Firefighters, Mrs. Spangler has made a remarkable recovery. However, she is permanently disabled from her job as a Firefighter. We were honored to meet her and her family and to make a small contribution to Ainsley’s College Fund. Mrs. Spangler, and all of her colleagues, put their lives on the line everyday so that we may all be safer. Their courage and dedication to duty is truly an inspiration to all of us.

Our third Schlarship was awarded to a two year old, Bastian Kutschibach. His father Patrick was a Green Beret Special Forces who was killed in the line of duty Nov 10, 2007. He was defending our Country in the war on Terrorism in Afghanistan. His brother David was there to receive the check on behalf of the family.

We would like to thank all of the generous sponsors to the Scholarship and hope you will continue to support this great cause every year.

Remember- We accept donations year round.