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Scholarship Awards
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War Dogs
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War Dogs MC originally began early in the new Millenium as Teufelhunden MC. It was a Marine Corps only MC named after the German nickname for the US Marines, "Teufelhunden". Teufelhunden was a name given to the Marines by their German adversaries during the fierce Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I. The ferocity of the Marines fighting during Belleau Wood precipitated the Germans bestowing the legendary German nickname on the US Marines as a sign of respect for their fighting abilities. The Battle saved Paris, and was the decisive Battle in World War I. Teufelhunden translates to Devil Dog' and remains the traditional nickname of US Marines to this day.
Not long after itís inception, Teufelhunden MC decided to open the Membership to patriotic non-veterans of high merit. We then changed our name to "War Dogs Motorcycle Club". The new name is meant to represent both military veterans as well as patriotic non-veterans. Our Membership now includes a mix of former Marines, Veterans of other branches of the service as well as patriotic non-veterans.
Over time, many of the smaller Clubs in Western Pennsylvania have joined our Brotherhood. It has given us the good fortune of having experienced riders and quality leadership from many different viewpoints. Most of our Brigade Presidents were Presidents of their former Clubs. The unification of so many Clubs in Western Pennsylvania is very unusual, and we are honored to be a part of this new Brotherhood.