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Why War Dogs
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Scholarship Awards
From the 2007
Fallen Heroís Run

Scholarship Awards
From the 2008
Fallen Heroís Run
War Dogs
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We are fraternal Motorcycle Club. We foster our Brotherhood through riding and supporting causes the Club deems appropriate. We require loyalty and discipline from all our Brothers and we take care of our own.
The symbolism of our patch stems from our Veteran roots. The War Dog is a symbol of the legendary Marine Corps Teufelhunden (Devil Dog) as well as the symbol of countless other American fighting units. The two crossed swords are an NCO Sword and an Officer Sword. They symbolize the Brotherhood of all American fighting forces. The US Dog Tag hanging from the War Dog's collar is in honor of all those who have given their life in defense of our great nation. The MC stands for Motorcycle Club.
The (3) piece patch (colors) means we are a serious Fraternal Brotherhood with a deep commitment to our colors and Brothers. Only fully patched Members will wear the full patch. Prospecting Members will not have the Teufelhunden Dog or MC patch until they are accepted as fully patched Members of the War Dogs.
The Phoenix Patch is worn by the Founding Members of the Club on the back of our vests.
The Gold and Black crossed swords are worn by the Clubís Mother Chapter Members on the front of our vests.