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The Truth About Trooper Francis Murphy III
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Complaint Aainst Trooper Murphy


Lieutenant Carnahan
Bureau of Internal Affairs
Pennsylvania State Police
1130 William Pitt Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

April 19, 2007

Dear Lt. Carnahan:

      I am writing to forge a formal complaint against Trooper Frank Murphy. I was hesitant to make this formal complaint, but a series of false statements and insinuations from Trooper Murphy have damaged my reputation and cost one of my businesses monetary losses.
      I need to explain certain personal information so that you can understand the nature of my complaint regarding Trooper Murphy.
      I am the President of the War Dogs Motorcycle Club. The goals, protocols, and mission of our Club are clearly stated in our web page. We have admitted some former members from another Club, some of which have criminal records, into our Club. They all understand that if they break the law, they will no longer be a Member of our Club. We believe in giving any man a chance!
      I am also partners with Eric Hibler in the Pittsburgh Fight Club, Inc. We teach full contact martial arts in a 10,000 square foot facility in Pittsburgh. We have 3500 SQ FT of sub floored Jujitsu mats, a regulation boxing ring, and have the areas only regulation Octagon Cage. Our sub-flooring and cage design are state of the art and on par with top notch MMA training facilities around the country. We actually train quite a few Police Officers right now. We train people for basic self defense all the way up to preparing for Professional Cage Fights.
      ********** is a former student of Eric’s. He trains students in his garage and he is an excellent instructor. Trooper Murphy had been a student of ******** for a while. Trooper Murphy told ********, as well as many of the other students that trained with *******, that The Pittsburgh Fight Club was owned and controlled by a criminal organization. Officer *******, from **********, was a student of ******’s while these statements were being made. Trooper Murphy told individuals that The Pittsburgh Fight Club was under investigation by the State Police and was also under surveillance by the State Police. We have individuals that will testify to that. Trooper Murphy has told individuals that I as well, as the War Dogs Motorcycle Club, were under investigation for a variety of criminal activity. We have individuals who will testify to that. Trooper Murphy came into The Pittsburgh Fight Club and told Eric Hibler that he was concerned that the Club might get burned down in front of our customers. He also reiterated more of the statements that I described above. Officer *********, from the ********* Police Department, was present during this discussion. Eric was in negotiations with officials from the Air Marshals Service about training a number of their Officers. The deal seemed to be going well when they abruptly changed their mind. We have an individual Air Marshal who will testify that Trooper Murphy told several Air Marshals that The Pittsburgh Fight Club was under investigation by the State Police. Trooper Murphy then spoke to the Air Marshals about training them himself at a gym he intended to open. We are very confident that we can prove Trooper Murphy’s statements caused us financial damage.
      Obviously, if Law Enforcement were investigating me or the War Dogs Motorcycle Club for any possible violations, it would be completely inappropriate for one of your Troopers to routinely tell citizens details of such an investigation. If you are not investigating me or the War Dogs Motorcycle Club then Trooper Murphy’s repeated statements to numerous individuals is a violation of the law.
      Our efforts with the War Dogs Motorcycle Club have raised a considerable amount of money for the Families of KIA Iraq veterans. I am a solid citizen and I am confident most that know me feel I have been a very positive influence in my community. I refuse to allow Trooper Murphy to continue to make these statements. I request a letter of apology to me personally, to The War Dogs Motorcycle Club, and to the Pittsburgh Fight Club retracting the statements that he made. In the absence of such a response, I will direct my attorneys to pursue litigation to the fullest extent of the law with any proceeds garnered being donated to the Wounded Veterans Fund. I appreciate your attention to this matter.


      Michael (Mick) A. Morrow Jr.