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The Truth About Trooper Francis Murphy III
and his SPIN Report

Trooper Murphy's SPIN Report


From:   Francis J. Murphy III
Sent:   Tuesday, May 29, 2007 8:20 A.M.

To:   Woodruff, John J.; Lieberum, David T.


Subject   Officer Safety – Recent MC Activity in Western PA

  1. April 2007, during the monthly Wardogs meeting at the Tonidale Bar and restaurant, a former Pagan who was patched over into the Wardogs recommended “organizing things in Beaver County the way the Pagans previously did.”
  2. Information May 2007, unknown numbers of Wardogs MC were reported to have been in Jack’s Tavern on the south side when several members of the Brothers of the Hammer MC (Black motorcycle gang) arrived. The Wardogs told the B/H to take of their colors. An argument transpired and the B/H departed.
  3. May 2007, several men wearing Wardog colors were observed by a Pittsburgh Police Officer in Hazelwood below the tracks between 2nd Ave and the river. This is considered a high drug traffic area and was the focus of a drug saturation detail.
  4. May 2007 a known Ambridge Police officer reported he heard “the word on the street” is “the Wardogs are going to take over the drug distribution in Beaver County” (This is unsubstantiated at this time.)
  5. May 2007 Mick Morrow the President of the Wardogs filed an internal affairs bureau complaint against a member of the Pennsylvania State Police for “bad mouthing the Pittsburgh Fight Club” Morrow is the vice president of the Pittsburgh Fight Club. This complaint was addressed directly to the Internal Affairs Western District Director, whose name and address are not commonly known and not advertised on the State website. It is possible this information was provided to Morrow from a law enforcement officer.
  6. May 2007 a former Wardog who quit the group and turned in his colors reported he received a veiled threat by phone and by text and was being extorted (fine $100.00) by Mick Morrow and a member named Chuck.
  7. May 2007, South Fayette Twp. Fifteen members of the Wardogs were at a Tavern when they attacked a patron and seriously injured him.
The War Dogs MC state they are not a 1% motorcycle club, but recently they patched over six Pagans into their club. These former Pagans were made Mother Club Members (similar to board of directors). In the last several months the War Dogs are increasingly showing signs of being territorial and confrontational. They are under orders from their leadership to carry firearms when wearing colors. It is unknown the direction this one hundred plus member Wardogs motorcycle club will take. Law Enforcement should use extreme caution when dealing with this group or any 1% biker. Friction has developed between the Pagans and the Wardogs and now a Chapter of the Hell’s Angels has opened in the New Castle area. This is a tinderbox waiting to happen, as the summer riding season is now upon us.

Tpr. Francis J. Murphy III
Criminal Investigator
Intelligence Coordinator
Troop B Pittsburgh
449 McCormick Rd.
Moon Twp., PA 15108